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Stove fitter  in wexford by Hetas trained fitter

Established for over 16 years, We always aim to consistently deliver a quality product and service to all our customers.

All of our fireplace and stove installations in wexford are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and the work is always carried out by our highly trained  Hetas trained  Stove fitter and fireplace installers in Wexford.  we ensure that our customers are fully happy with their fireplaces and stoves.

From the initial property visit through to aftercare

If you are looking for chimney repairs and stove installations  in Wexford, you can be sure to get the best deals and installation when dealing with James Kells – specialists in Restoration Chimney Repairs and stove installations. When searching for a comprehensive quote on stove, liner and fireplace installation in wexford, make sure to call us on 087-9533753 or email us for a quote.


Hetas Stands for : Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme

When you decide to install a new stove it is important from the outset to do your homework on  which stove will be suitable for your home or the size of the area in which you intend to heat.

There a many constraints and guidelines that have to met in order to comply with building regulations for stove installations. some of these are:

  1. The size of the appliance in relation to the room it is to heat.
  2. Is the stove being installed in a recess or on an open hearth.
  3. Provide proper air ventilation for combustion of fuels
  4. Etc Etc

Its best to contact a trained Hetas Engineer to carry out a survey on your property to see if your new appliance can be installed correctly and meet the safety guidelines.

We have removed a lot stoves that were not installed correctly in wexford leaving the customer having pay again for either a new stove or a re installation.

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Stove fitting in wexford

Stove fitting in wexford

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