Roof inspections

Inspections can locate Wet rot, Dry Rot  Woodworm, Leaks  


Roof inspection whats the point ?

The point of a roof inspection is to examine the roof and structure for any damage or faults. 

Before you purchase your new home get a roof inspection for hidden defects or damage.

We can liaise with your building surveyor or Architect/Engineer and estimate for any remedial work needed.

All to many people purchase a new home and discover that after a time actually living in the house little problems start to show up.
Some of these problems may have been there prior to you purchasing the dwelling.

Problems that can lurk in your roof?

For example:
1. A temporary roof repair was installed to delay the actual roof fix.
2. Inadequate Ventilation, Air circulation and dampness.
3. Mould on bedroom and bathrooms walls, ceilings that were temporally disguised by painting over4. Rodent infestation, wood worm