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AlgoClear® Pro Softclean is a non-aggressive high purity biocide suitable for cleaning roofs and walls. Specialised equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safely on the material to be cleaned. It has been adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland. .


AlgoClear is scientifically proven to clean 
roofs & walls safely and effectively.In the fullness of time roof tiles are colonised by moss, lichen and a host of other species. It is deleterious to the material and appears poorly maintained. The mix of species is called “biofilm”.

Preparing roofs for treatment

Removing the excess growth: Many roofs are cleaned when the moss has become excessive. The bulky material is scraped off using a simple implement. Below 30° pitch and when the tiles are sound, this can be done by a trained roofer, pacing the roof itself. If the roof is too steep or fragile – period clay tiles for instance – the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools.