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Dry verge roof barge

The use of traditional mortar pointed verges is becoming less popular due to the demand for maintenance free properties.

The use of mortar for pointing the verge has many inherent problems, not least the damage caused by the constant cycle of wind, rain, ice and sun, the result of which cracks the pointing.

Dry Fixed verge units provide secure fixing and offer highly cost-effective solutions to the long-term problems associated with traditional methods.

Installation can be completed in all-weather, including rain and frost, so work continues uninterrupted, so not losing valuable time.

Our Interlocking Dry Verge Units provides a durable and weatherproof finish that fits all common tile profiles, incuding thin leadinf edge roof tiles, as well as the standard and high proflied roof tiles.

The Fast Fix units secures tiles to the verge of the roof, while providing exceptional resistance to water penetration and preventing wind upli