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Chimney  Repair Services in Wexford.

Are you having problems with your chimney or solid fuel appliance.

Chimney fire, caused by a build up of soot, or resin from burning wood, logs etc. Carbon monoxide, if your chimney blocks or is not drawing properly you are at risk of poisonous fumes from burning.

Common chimney issues.

1.Poor draft 

2.Smoke coming back into the room

3.Debris falling out of chimney shaft

These are just a few obvious signs of chimney problems that need to be fixed for the chimney to stay in safe operation, it is also advised you get your chimney inspected and evaluated by a professional.

There are a number of tests we can carry out on the chimney to check that it is safe.

Important, use a contractor with specialist training and  Insurance to deal with your Chimney Repair.