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Wicklow Chimney Repair

Do you need a chimney repair specialist in Wicklow Town, or surrounding areas, we fix stacks of chimneys inWicklow , from small chimney repairs to large chimney rebuilds and chimney relining .

We also supply and fit Multi Fuel stoves in existing chimneys or we can design and install a twin wall insulated flue liner so you can position your new stove where ever you wish.

Maybe you need a chimney survey after a chimney fire, We can Assist your Insurance claim by providing you with a chimney condition report and estimate for chimney or roof Repairs.

We carry out chimney cctv surveys to assess internal chimney flue damage and recommend a solution to the problem.


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Chimney Repairs, Relining & Stoves

Chimney fire Damage, Carbon monoxide,  We can inspect and reline your chimney with a new flue liner, or rebuild your chimney from the hearth up to current building regulations.

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Chimney Inspection survey

Need your chimney inspected? A chimney camera inspection can locate and find faults in the chimney flue liner such as chimney

blockages, birds nests, Lose Masonry or cracked liners.



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Stove Installer Waterford

Do you need a Stove fitted in Wicklow to building regulations by a Hetas trained installer or a twin wall chimney installed?



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Stove ventilation

An open-flued appliance draws its combustion air from the room or space into which it is installed. A flue is required to discharge its products of combustion to the outside.

Ventilations is required for the appliance to operate correctly.


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Damp & Mould Problems.

If you have damp and mould the first thing to do is to fix the cause. Damp and mould in your home can affect your health, so it’s important to get rid of it.



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Home Renovation incentive Scheme

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) is a relief from Income Tax (IT) for homeowners, landlords and local authority tenants. You can claim the HRI Tax Credit for repairs, renovations and improvements to your home or rental property.



    review rating 5  I recently used James to reline & construct new chimney . Found his service & workmanship excellent . Top quality materials used with very clean finish . He is well up with current standards & I would highly recommend in the future .

    thumb Clare Whelan

    review rating 4  James repaired a roof for us on a rental property in Gorey in October. James arrived promptly at the agreed time to inspect the roof. He gave us comprehensive details of our options and a detailed estimate. James started the work on the agreed date and stayed with the job until it was finished, even working into the public holiday weekend. He kept us fully informed as the work progressed by phone and by sending photographs. The work involved some work on our neighbours roof and James worked without disrupting our neighbour or the tenant. From this experience I would recommend James for roof repairs. Michael Carolan

    thumb Michael Carolan

    review rating 5  Nice to deal with. Very straight forward and good advice. Professional finish. Would highly recommend

    thumb bjrobinson
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Pre Puchase Roof Inspections

Before you purchase your new home get the chimney checked for hidden defects or damage.
All to Many people Purchase a new home and discover that after a time actually living in the house little problems start to show up.
Some of these problems may have been there prior to you purchasing the dwelling

For example:
1. A Stove may have been installed incorrectly
2. Inadequate Ventilation
3. The chimney may have suffered a chimney fire

These are just some problems that can occur, so if you have your heart set on a property, get it examined and any faults rectified before you buy.

Chimney Fires

Possible Causes, Dirty chimney lining, Cresote build up or bird nests,
Chimney cleaning is an essential before winter burning, clean the smoke chamber and remove the flammable cresote deposits and soot build up.

Chimney fires may affect the structure of the chimney causing distortion of the metal or ceramic clay structures and resulting in chimney failure.

Chimney Leaks and Dampness

Possible Causes  Cracked Render, mortar joint breakdown, cracked masonry or crazing, roof flashing damage, spalling masonry or bricks or cracked chimney cap.

Water penetration

The chimney stack sitting at the highest point of the house has no protection from the elements, The moisture that penetrates the masonry periodically freezes and thaws causing expansion and undue stress on the material causing movement and cracking.




Damp Chimney Breast

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Chimney re-rendering with Lead Flashing changed

Causes of Dampness 

  • Lead damaged or installed incorrectly.
  • Cracked slates or tiles.
  • Cracked chimney cap.
  • Cracked or damaged render/plaster.



chimney blown over in high winds