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Chimney repairs Wexford


Do you need a chimney repair specialist in Wexford town, or surrounding areas, we fix stacks of chimneys in Wexford, from small chimney repairs to large chimney rebuilds and chimney relining .

We also install stoves in existing chimneys or we can install a twin wall insulated flue liner if you do not have an existing chimney.

Maybe you need a chimney flue CCTV inspection after a chimney fire, We can provide you with a CCTV chimney video of the flue and estimate for chimney relining.

We carry out chimney CCTV inspections to assess the internal chimney flue for damage.

Chimney rebuilding

The materials used to construct chimneys are designed to be durable and last many years. But, unfortunately, time, moisture, use, and even the settling of your home can gradually cause your chimney to crack, crumble, or deteriorate. Problems with a deteriorating chimney isn’t just that it’s unsightly – it can also be a dangerous health and fire hazard.

Chimney flue Inspection

Need your chimney flue inspected?

A chimney camera inspection can locate and find faults in the chimney flue liner such as chimney blockages, birds nests, Loose masonry or cracked liners.


Hetas Stands for : Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme

When you decide to install a new stove it is important from the outset to do your homework on  which stove will be suitable for your home or the size of the area in which you intend to heat.

There a many constraints and guidelines that have to met in order to comply with building regulations for stove installations. some of these are:

  1. The size of the appliance in relation to the room it is to heat.
  2. Is the stove being installed in a recess or on an open hearth.
  3. Provide proper air ventilation for combustion of fuels
  4. Etc Etc

Its best to contact a trained Hetas trademan to carry out a survey on your property to see if your new appliance can be installed correctly and meet the safety guidelines.

We have removed a lot stoves that were not installed correctly in wexford leaving the customer having pay again for either a new stove or a re installation.


Possible Causes, Dirty chimney lining, Cresote build up or bird nests,
Chimney cleaning is an essential before winter burning, clean the smoke chamber and remove the flammable cresote deposits and soot build up.



Possible Causes  Cracked Render, mortar joint breakdown, cracked masonry or crazing, roof flashing damage, spalling masonry or bricks or cracked chimney cap.


The chimney stack sitting at the highest point of the house has no protection from the elements, The moisture that penetrates the masonry periodically freezes and thaws causing expansion and undue stress on the material causing movement and cracking.