Chimney Inspection Services 

Hoping everthing is ok  VS.  Lets check it out to be sure!


Hetas Trained

When you decide to install a new stove it is important from the outset to do your homework and have your chimney inspection carried out by a professional, and then decide which stove will be suitable for your home or the size of the area in which you intend to heat.

There a many constraints and guidelines that have to met in order to comply with building regulations for stove installations. some of these are:

  1. The size of the appliance in relation to the room it is to heat.
  2. Is the stove being installed in a recess or on an open hearth.
  3. Provide proper air ventilation for combustion of fuels
  4. Etc Etc

Its best to contact a trained Hetas Engineer to carry out a survey on your property to see if your new appliance can be installed correctly and meet the guidelines.

We have removed a lot stoves that were not installed correctly in wexford leaving the customer having pay again for either a new stove or a re installation..